Mihail Decean Exhumation of martyr-heroes with an excavator
The pleasant surprise

I have always kept in touch with Gheorghe Petrov, by phone or email. We have even met a few times. The last time was when the exhumation took place. If we had not met then, the exhumation would have been postponed again and again. Sometime in November 2015, Mr. Petrov, a gentle man, told me on the phone or by email, I do not remember exactly, that if I had not insisted on changing the date of the exhumation, it would not have taken place that year especially as the weather worsened in the mountains since the night of September 2, 2015.

From our latest discussions with Petrov, I understood that regardless of the partisans’ relatives’ opinions on the exhumation, it could take place if the competent authorities decided it, given the official activity of IICCMRE, respectively the role of this institute of the democratic state to promote and value the public interest.

However, Gheorghe Petrov said it would be better to have a written request from at least one of the partisans’ relatives addressed to IICCMRE, whose task was to prepare all the legal formalities for the exhumation.

Partisan Lucian Mitrofan’s brother was identified in Alba Iulia. Petrov told me that he had refused to be involved in the exhumation. He also advised me not to waste my time looking for him and trying to convince him to support his brother’s exhumation.

I found out later, and Gheorghe Petrov confirmed it, that this family’s members had been informed about the expenses of Lucian Mitrofan’s exhumation and burial, which were not yet known. The brother of this victim of communism, as well as his daughter showed indifference to what would happen to the already found remains of their brother and uncle. Their indifference might not be real, but induced by fear, as if they were haunted by a Securitate ghost. 

I knew that Mărioara disagreed with the exhumation, but I found out that she had changed her mind before, maybe after a discussion with Gheorghe Petrov. It is certain that my cousin signed an application to the IICCMRE, written by the coordinator of these activities, in which she requested her brother’s remains be exhumed. This news was a pleasant surprise for me. I had regained the most important ally of my endeavors.